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We started in the late 1980's to investigate the possibility of establishing a Masjid in the West End of Ottawa to serve the needs of the growing Muslim Community. The idea was to serve the residents of Bayshore, Greenbank - Baseline - Craig Henry corridor, Barrhaven, Bells Corners and Kanata.

In late 1988, a meeting was called to formalize our efforts and this led to the formation of Jamiatul Muslemeen of Ottawa-Carleton.

A Shuraa was formed to lead the organization. In 1993, the Baptist Bible Church, located at 572 Moodie Dr. came up for sale. It was centrally located for the West End, the property was designated Institutional and there was, adjacent to the property, undeveloped tracts of land that had the potential for purchase and expansion in the future.

We put in an offer through a Muslim Real Estate agent and after some negotiation; it was accepted by the Church.

All praise belongs to our Lord and Creator Allah SWT, Who through His Mercy and Will, made it possible for the Shuraa to collect the entire purchase price and the property was bought for cash!!

Initially, we cleaned out the Basement, put in a sub-floor, carpeted it and started the Masjid and Madrasa.

Our Mission

  • Jamiatul Muslemeen of Ottawa-Carleton (JMOC) is a federally registered non-profit charitable organization. Our Mission is simple:

  • To serve our Lord and Creator Allah (SWT) in a manner that is consistent with His Majesty and acceptable to Him.

  • To continue the work of all the Messengers of Allah (SWT) who were sent to guide mankind from Adam, Dawood (David), Ibrahim (Abraham), Moosa (Moses), Isa ( Jesus ) and the Final Messenger Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon them all).

  • We established the following core objectives:

  • Provide religious services to the entire Muslim Community, in particular those living in the West End of Ottawa.

  • Provide educational services for both our youth and adults of the Muslim Community.

  • Promote a pristine image of Islam to other religious and secular communities across the Ottawa-Carleton region.

  • Facilitate Inter-faith Discussion and co-operation.

  • Preserve, promote and practice the authentic teachings of the Glorious Quran and the Ahaadith of our Beloved Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) and as practiced by the rightly-guided Khulafah-e-Rashideen, the Companions and the Salaf-e-Saaliheen (RA).

  • Promote unity and a sense of belonging in our Muslim Community by active co-operation with all Muslim organizations in the Ottawa-Carleton region.

  • Carry out active fundraising to help charitable organizations both in Canada and internationally.


Our Community is Growing


Our community has grown tremendously over the decades and our institutions are growing to meet the need.  The New  Jami Omar now consists  of a Large Prayer Hall both for Men and Women , new ablution and shower facilities , a regulation size modern gymnasium , two fully equipped exercise facilities , two modern Kitchens , an excellent new Library, administration  office , Imam’s office;  and for the school, 12 Classrooms two teacher’s rooms , an administration office, washrooms and storage facilities. Our mosque is currently in the final stages of a major expansion project to serve the community for many years to come.

Historical Accomplishments

  • This section is provided with a view to providing Information for our visitors to the site and for those community members who may not be familiar with the activities of Jami Omar. With the help of Allah (SWT), Jami Omar has achieved the following major milestones:

  • 1. Acquisition of Real Property

  • In 1993, JMOC acquired a 2000 sq. ft. bungalow along with 1.1 acres land, located at 572 Moodie Drive to establish a temporary place of worship. The vast majority of funds were raised locally and donated by the Muslim community.

  • 2. Jami Omar Masjid

  • In 1994, the facility was renovated to establish the Jami Omar Masjid. Initially, daily and Juma� prayers were started in the basement. Gradually, internal modifications were undertaken to meet the growing Congregation.

  • 3. Madrasa Noor-ul-Islam

  • In 1994, Madrasa Noor-ul Islam was relocated to 572 Moodie Drive. It provides 10 hours of education weekly, covering Quran recitation, Hifz, Qiraat, Tajweed, Fiqh, Seerah and Arabic language. The education is provided at no cost. The enrolment has increased from 30 to 140 at present.

  • 4. Parking Lot

  • In 1996, construction of a parking lot was completed to accommodate 42 cars on site.

  • 5. Taghseel & Takfeen Facility

  • In 1997, Ottawa's first taghseel facility was established. It became operational within 6 months of planning, design and government approval. All services including coffin, kafan, supplies, and transportation are provided free of charge or at cost for those who can afford to pay. Contributions are optional. Dedicated key volunteers of the community run the entire operation.

  • 6. New Prayer Hall and Amenities

  • In 1997, a 1000 sq. ft. prayer hall was constructed and the basement was renovated to provide wudhu area, washrooms and other amenities. The congregation has grown and today a large number of musallees have to pray outside for Jumah Salaat.

  • 7. Additional Lands

  • In 1999 Jami Omar purchased a 1.7 acre lot behind our present Masjid for build a well-designed multi-purpose facility and a larger Masjid to meet the future needs of our rapidly growing Muslim Community.

  • In 2003 we were able to purchase a further 1 acre of land adjacent to the proposed new centre to build a Seniors Residence for our aging Muslim Population.

  • 8. Zoning Change from Residential to Institutional

  • In 2002, an application to change the zoning of the new land was made. The zoning was granted by the city. However, there was an appeal made to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) by the opponents that was subsequently rejected in September 2003. The zoning change was approved in favour of the Masjid.

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