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Mosque Services - Marriage  

Jami Omar offers the service of performing marriages (Nikah) by the Imaam; who is a licensed marriage officer. A licensed marriage officer is required in order to complete the necessary paperwork to register the marriage in the Province of Ontario.

The requirements to have a Nikah done through the Masjid are as follows:

  • Marriage License Document. A marriage license must be obtained from any City Hall in Ontario PRIOR to the date of the Nikah. Either the groom or the bride may apply as long as the necessary documents are presented to the office. The office will inform you as to which documents are required.

  • Please note that Jami Omar does not know what documents are required and cannot obtain the marriage license. Only the groom or bride may obtain the license.

  • Please note the Imam will not perform any Nikah without a valid marriage license which must be present at the time and place of the Nikah ceremony. The Imam will fill and sign the remaining portion of the license, give you a temporary license, and will send the paperwork to the Office of the Registrar General for you.

  • Wali (guardian) for the bride. The Bride must be represented by her Wali which is a male relative. Examples of a Wali include father, brother, son, paternal uncle, grandfather, etc. The following people cannot be a Wali: maternal uncle, other women even if relatives, friends, etc. Brides that do not have a Wali in accordance with the Shari’ah may be represented by the Imam if circumstances permit. If you need further clarification on this matter, please contact our Imam.

  • Two male Muslim witnesses who are baligh (i.e. reached adulthood). These witnesses can be anyone as long as they fulfill the foregoing requirements. There is no requirement to have a witness from the bride’s side and one from the groom’s side. Nor is it required to have two from each side. Nor do the witnesses have to be relatives; however there is nothing wrong if they happen to be relatives.

  • Mahr (dowry). The dowry should be discussed and agreed upon before the Nikah ceremony in order to avoid debate and save time during the Nikah ceremony

  • The Nikah will only be performed if proper Islamic Adaab/Etiquettes are followed (e.g. Islamic dress code, no free mixing, etc.).

  • The Imam will perform the Nikah in the masjid usually after Megrib or Isha on the week days and after Duhur on the weekends. In rare occasions or special circumstances, the location may be elsewhere.   

  • Nikah donation to the masjid is $200, it will cost and additional $300 that will go toward paying the City for your marriage registration.

  • No food/drinks are allowed in the main prayer hall, you are allowed to give sweets to your guests on the way out of the masjid.

  • If you would like to have an after ceremony event that serves food please mkae sure to fill out a hall rental agreement to rent out the gymnasium.

If you meet the above requirements and would like to schedule the Imam for a Nikah ceremony, please send us an email

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