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Welcome to Jami Omar

The New Jami Omar Mosque provides an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all members of the community. The facilities consist of a Large Prayer Hall both for Men and Women , new ablution and shower facilities , a regulation size modern gymnasium , two fully equipped exercise facilities , two modern Kitchens , an excellent new Library, administration  office , Imam’s office;  and for the school, 12 Classrooms two teacher’s rooms , an administration office, washrooms and storage facilities. Our mosque is currently in the final stages of a major expansion project to serve the community for many years to come.

Booking Facilities at Jami Omar

To book the facilities for any event, follow steps below

  • Refer to the Jami Omar Events Calendar

  • Check the availability of the facility you’d like to use/book

  • For booking the facility, send an email to

  • You will need to complete the facility booking form and pay applicable fees and deposits

  • Unless it is an emergency, we required a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) advance notice to arrange bookings


Parking at Jami Omar

  • Please FORM A CAR POOL.  Parking is available for 292 cars, on a first come first serve basis.

  •  There will be NO UNAUTHORISED soliciting, flyers, sales or fundraising.

  • NO PARKING on fire routes, streets or neighbours parking lots. Please note that any vehicles parked on along the designated Fire Route shall be ticketed by the City of  Ottawa. The ICC does not accept any liability or responsibility for tickets issued by the City.  

  • View the Jami  Omar fire route 1013_April_-_ICC_Fire_Route.pdf 

Advertisement/Leaflet Distribution Policy

Distribution of ALL materials from organizations shall be in accordance with the following:

  • A copy of the materials must be emailed to  or physically submitted at the administration office located on the first floor for approval,

  • Materials must be submitted for approval at least five days in advance of distribution date,

  • A maximum of two individuals (for  any individual distribution request) may hand out materials on premises,

  • The distribution shall be for  a maximum of TWO consecutive Jumuah  prayer timings,

  • Distributers must ensure they are not standing or blocking any high traffic areas of cars/people,

  • Materials are to be personally handed to people,

  • No materials shall be posted up on walls,  pillars, doors or left on tables,

  • No materials shall be posted on any vehicles in the car park,

  • Any surplus flyers, cards and distribution materials must be removed from the premises promptly.

  • No samples of food items shall be distributed on the premises without prior management approval.

  • Any organisation seeking pledges/donations must be a registered charity in Canada and provide current registration details.

  • Management reserves the right to final approval and changes to the above.

Note: We do not distribute flyers on behalf of individuals or external organizations.  It is solely the responsibility of the requester.

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