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Pilgrimage to the House of Allah

“…Pilgrimage to the House (of Allah) is a duty man owes to Allah- upon those who are able- And whoever refuses to obey, then indeed Allah stands not in need of His creation.” (Quran 3:97)

Many have already reached the holy lands of Makkah and Medina and others will be leaving very soon to perform Hajj- the life time of a journey. The Pilgrims will be re-enacting the important aspects of the life of Ibrahim (alayhis-salam) and his family. Sincere worship and commitment to Allah, trust, love, sacrifice -to name a few- were the great characteristics of Prophet Ibrahim (alayhis-salam). All of this was revived, preserved and established by the final messenger of Allah (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) when he had said in his farewell Hajj: “Take (learn) from me your (Hajj) rituals.” (Muslim)

Some of the benefits of Hajj are:

· Attaining Allah’s pleasure.

· It is considered to be the most virtuous of deeds and ways of seeking nearness to Allah (al-Bukhari).

· Jannah is the reward for an acceptable (mabroor) Hajj.

· Forgiveness.

· Blessings in one’s wealth.

“There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allaah than these ten days...” (al-Bukhari)

The first ten days of the month of Thul-hijjah are the best 10 days of the entire year. One should strive to gain Allah’s pleasure through actions which He loves and is pleased with. The reward for fasting the day of Arafah (9th of Thul-hijjah) is that two years of sins will be forgiven. The 10th, of course, is Eid al-Adha` and it is celebrated with the Eid Salah and the sacrificing of animals as established by Prophet Ibrahim (alayhis-salam) and demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). This Udhiyyah (Qurbani-sacrifice) is a means of acquiring reward, forgiveness of sins and attaining Allah’s pleasure. Lastly we will make the Takbeerat after Salah from Fajar of the 9th until the Asar of 13th.

اللهُ أكبر، اللهُ أكبر، لا الهَ الاّ اللهُ واللهُ أكبر، اللهُ أكبر، ولله الحمد

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illa Llahu.

Wa Llahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lillahi Lhamd .

(Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest, there is no god but Allah.

And Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest and to Allah belongs all praise.)

May Allah grant us his divine guidance, forgiveness, mercy, and bless all the pilgrims with a Hajj Mabroor.

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