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Hajj brings no reward but Paradise

Let there be no obscenity, nor commiting of sin, nor disputing in the Hajj...(2:193)

“…a Mabroor (accepted) Hajj brings no reward but Paradise.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

Indeed All praise belongs to Allah for allowing the Muslim to intend this lifetime journey of performing Hajj. Some of the benefits of the Hajj are:

• Fulfillment of a fundamental ‘Ibada of our deen and thereby attaining Allah’s pleasure.

• It is considered to be the most virtuous of deeds and ways of seeking nearness to Allah (al-Bukhari).

• Forgiveness of sins

• Blessings in ones wealth

• Jannah is the reward for a mabroor (acceptable) Hajj.

Just as the Messenger of Allah (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) taught us to ask for Jannah al-Firdaws (the most noblest and honored place in Jannah) similarly he has taught the Pilgrim to make their ultimate goal a ‘Mabroor’ (accepted) Hajj and strive for attaining it.

A Mabroor Hajj entails:

• Fulfilment of all the requirements of Hajj and no evil deed is committed.

• Feeding others and greeting (Salam) much

• Speaking with others in an amicable fashion

The journey of Hajj is the most auspicious journey one will undertake in their lifetime. It entails Love for the creator, commitment and re-enacting the Rituals of Nabi Ibrahim (Alayhis-Salam) as revived and established by the Messenger of Allah (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) when he had said in his farewell Hajj: “Take (learn) from me your (Hajj) rituals.” (Muslim)

Helpful tips on the journey include:

• Intend the pleasure of Allah & implement the Sunnah.

• Strive to be an embodiment of excellent character.

• Patience and more patience! Remain focused on the purpose of why you have come and try to be amongst those who express this. “...and give glad tidings to the patient...”(Quran)

• Helpfulness in uniting the hearts & minds of the members who are in the same Hajj group.

•Emphasizing the importance of consultation and following the instructions, guidance and experience of the group leaders.


May Allah grant us health, strength, His divine guidance, forgiveness, mercy, and bless all the pilgrims with a Hajj Mabroor.

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