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Importance of having a sound heart

Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran (26:88-89) - The Day when wealth and children will not benefit [anyone], except him who comes to Allah with a qalb saleem (sound heart.)

Qalb saleem (sound heart) is the spiritual heart. It expresses the belief of Allah with certainty, is free from associating unto Him any partners and is eliminated from doubt. Negative feelings towards others and spiritual diseases are not home of the qalb saleem.

What are some of the signs of a qalb saleem?

• Fear of Allah.

• Recognizing the shortcomings in ones actions.

• Forgiveness and overlooking.

• Striving towards the hereafter and not making the worldly life the end all of one’s efforts.

* To be pleased and content with the decree of Allah.

• To be absorbed in the remembrance of Allah.

• To be always striving to please Allah, Most Exalted.

Ways of Acquiring a Qalb Saleem?

• Sincerity In intentions, statements and actions

• Du’a (supplication) to Allah to be blessed with a Qalb Saleem.

• Recitation & reflection on the Quran

• To make the greeting of

as-Salamu’alaykum often.

• To choose the company of the righteous.

May Allah bless us all with a qalb saleem.

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