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Service Details

Funeral Services

Key contacts for funeral services
  • Funeral Contact 24/7: 343-999-3481
  • Jami Omar Office: 613-828-2222
  • Abdul-Wakil: 613-795-8866

Upon The Death Of A Muslim In Ottawa

Obtain Medical Certificate of Death (Form 16) from the attending physician or hospital.
Contact Jami Omar Funeral Hotline at 343-999-3481 (if you cannot get through, contact a member listed on the next page) to:

Obtain a Statement of Death (Form 15) from Jami Omar (needed before hospital will release the body). This can be filled out by a funeral director (e.g. Jami Omar) or a family member.

Jami Omar (located at 3990 Old Richmond Rd., Ottawa) will provide the following services:

  • Arrange transportation of body to Jami Omar (Jami Omar will pickup and transport body)
  • Taghseel (washing of the body)
  • Takfeen (preparing of the body)
  • Low cost coffin (at cost price)
  • Cold storage in case of delayed burial
  • Kafan and all necessary required necessities
  • Janazah
  • Transportation of the body from Jami Omar  to the cemetery

There are no set charges for services at Jami Omar, but donations are encouraged. It costs approximately $1200.00 for the coffin, kafan, etc., so a donation to cover this is appreciated.​

Bring both forms (Forms 15 and 16) to obtain a Death Registration (also called a Burial Permit) from Ottawa City Hall or one of the 7 satellite offices, 4 of which are listed below, between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday (City Hall on Laurier provides 24/7 emergency service):

Ottawa City Hall – 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa

Orléans Client Service Centre – 255 Centrum Blvd. Suite 100, Orléans​

Ben Franklin Place Client Service Centre – 101 Centrepointe Dr., Nepean

Kanata Client Service Centre – 580 Terry Fox Dr. Kanata

Call the Ottawa Muslim Cemetery at 613-851-7444 to purchase a grave.

The cemetery office is located at 467 Laurier Ave West Suite#216. The cemetery is located at 1668 Manotick Station Rd., Ottawa (take 416 south to Bankfield Rd., east to the end, turn right on Manotick Main St., left onto Mitch Owens Rd. for ~11.5 km then right on Manotick Station Rd. for ~6.5 km then turn right into the cemetery. This can be done in advance of the death or after. Burials are done any day of the week.

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