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Qurbani Meat Drop off - Sadaqa Food Bank

Due to COVID-19 and reduced masjid hours, Jami Omar will not be accepting meat drop offs this year.


You can drop off directly to Sadaqa Food Bank

Re-Opening of Masjid

July 17, 2020

Insha’Allah Jami Omar Masjid will reopen on Friday July 17 in the afternoon for all prayers including Jumu’ah with limited capacity by registration only.


UMOG - Letter to Community

July 09, 2020

To:        The Muslim Community of Ottawa-Gatineau

From:    United Muslim Organizations of Ottawa-Gatineau

Subject: Offering daily and Juma’ prayers

We hope and pray that all of our community members are in the best state of imaan and health. As we all know that the time period we all are going through is unique and unprecedented. The likes of which has not been experienced in our life time.


We should recall that it is our religious responsibility to insure that we do everything within our control to contain the virus and at the same time follow the rules established by our public health agencies.


To this end, all member organizations of the Ottawa-Gatineau Muslim community unanimously have adopted a common policy for all the people who pray with jamaa’ in masjids. In this regard, all brothers and sisters are hereby asked to pray at their LOCAL masjid ONLY. Given the recent case of a Covid-19 infected brother praying in Jami Omar, it is imperative that people do not go to other masaajid. Recurrence of such event will increase the risk of spread and make containment very difficult.


Secondly, all people are asked to think before going to their respective local masjid if they have any symptoms and/or have come in contact with someone who may have got infected.


As we are taught by our beloved Rasool (SAW) that one cannot be true believer unless and until he/she prefers for others what he/she thinks for own self. This virus is a serious matter and we must exercise caution.


We ask our Creator Allah (SWT) to relieve the entire humanity from the global pandemic and its resultant impact. Let us turn to Allah (SWT) and seek protection under His boundless mercy.



Responsible members of the UMOG

Helping Front Line Workers

With the current COVID-19 pandemic there is a worldwide shortage of personal protective equipment, otherwise known as PPE. Hospitals and nursing homes across Ottawa have turned to the community for help with sewing non-medical cloth masks, head bands and surgical caps.


Jami Omar’s volunteers are doing their part to help fulfil this growing need across Ottawa by sourcing materials, sewing these various forms of PPE and delivering this PPE across the city.

Who are the masks for? For hospital visitors and patient caretakers that do not require medical masks are provided with cloth masks that they can wear in the hospital and out in public for their safety and others.

  1. All approved visitors who enter the Hospital and Nursing Home

  2. All discharged patients as they reintegrate into the community

  3. The broader Ottawa Community, especially vulnerable populations and the elderly, to help prevent disease transmission


Head Bands and Surgical Caps will be used by Doctors and Nursing Staff.


Medical staff have begun to experience chaffing behind their ears from constantly wearing medical masks and hence headbands and surgical caps with buttons behind the ears are used to hold their masks in place.

For more information, you can contact jamiomar@jamiomar.org

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To keep in touch with the community, Jami Omar has created a WhatsApp group and a YouTube channel.

The WhatsApp group is dedicated for community announcements.

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COVID-19 Relief

March 19, 2020

Given the recent information coming in daily for COVID-19, combining the resources of UMO-OG (united Muslim of Ottawa Gatineau), Jami Omar will be providing help to anyone who needs it with safety measures in place.

Working with UMO-OG, Jami Omar will be coordinating a list of what people need and sending volunteers 

out in different areas.


During this difficult time of COVID-19 outbreak, if you are ill, self-quarantined and/or senior citizens, and 

unable to go out to purchase household essentials, cooked food, etc, please fill out this form:


*Relief we are providing*:
1. Food items and non-perishables for anyone in need

2. If you need errands run/ grocery pick up, medication and prescriptions pick up or other essential supplies. 

(We will go buy and deliver to your front door. You can etransfer the amount)

We will put items at door, stay in our car, call you then once you pick up we will leave. We will ask all 

volunteers to wear gloves and not interact with people.

3. If you need a cooked meal.

4. If you need to just talk. We also have registered counselors who will be able providing phonically to anyone 

who is having a hard time with their mental health

This is a collaborative initiative, and each group including Jami Omar is working individually for the pleasure 

of Allah and to help our healthcare system fight this pandemic

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