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Jami Omar Scholarship

The scholarships are based on the following criteria
  • Academic performance
  • Financial Need
  • Community service

Scholarship Details

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  • Mokhtar Rouabhi   613-618-9997
  • Shafiq Mirza  – 613-599-7041

Jami Omar will be awarding post-secondary scholarships for the 2023/2024 academic year. Each award will be for $1,000. These will go to the top ranked students residing in the National Capital Region, as decided by the Selection Committee.

Areas of Study

Any acceptable college or university program in the National Capital Region, leading to a diploma or degree is eligible. Acceptability is determined by the Selection Committee.



Any youth who is pursuing a full-time first degree or diploma whose family income (total income of both parents of the applicant) is less than $100,000 in each of the previous two (2) years.

Note: Immediate family members of the Selection Committee or Jami Omar Shura are not eligible for these awards.

Application Process

To apply for one of the Jami Omar Student Scholarships:

Obtain a Jami Omar Student Scholarship Application Form from either Jami Omar or under the Application Form section of this page

Complete Personal Information, Education (both, school last attended and institution you are going to attend), and Community Volunteering (where you volunteered, what you did, number of hours volunteered, name of supervisor(s), and phone number)


  • A copy of transcript of marks showing year just completed
  • Copies of both parents’ Notice of Assessment for the previous two (2) taxation years OR a letter signed by the applicant attesting the total income of both parents of the applicant is less than $100,000 in the previous two (2) years.
  • Proof of acceptance into the course of study this application is for
  • Attach extra pages as required

Applications must be received no later than 20th August 2023


  • Jami Omar will not accept applications through email with attachments.
  • It should be hard copies addressed to Jami Omar (conventional mail)
  • Jami Omar will not accept applications after 20th August 2023
  • Decision by the selection committee will be final

Sign and date the Application Form and mail to:

Attention: Mokhtar Rouabhi, PhD
Jami Omar Youth Scholarship (JOYS)
3990 Old Richmond Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K2H 8R5


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