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Allah Help Those Who Help Themselves

Muslim community, promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Holy Quran

Nothing Is Impossible With Allah

Muslim community, promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Holy Quran

Islam is an Abrahamic Monotheistic Religion

Muslim community, promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Holy Quran

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  • Jumah 12:45 & 1:45 PM Iqamah: 12:45 & 1:45 PM

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Jami Omar Scholarship

Scholarship Details Download Application Form Contacts: Mokhtar Rouabhi -  613-618-9997 Shafiq Mirza  - 613-599-7041 Jami...

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The construction of the library is not complete yet; however the information below provides details on...

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Fitness Centre

We have a fully equipped fitness centre with state of the art workout facilities at...

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     The gym offers a variety of community recreation programs. Some of the more...

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Zakat & Sadaqa

One of the most important principles of Islam is that all things belong to God,...

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Banquet Hall

Jami Omar offers an array of special events to meet the needs of both large...

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Ethical & Moral Beliefs That Guides

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Ethical & Moral Beliefs That Guides

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Muhammad Al-Bukhari

(d. 256 AH/870 AD)

The Pillars of Islam

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    12th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1445 - Tue, 18th Jun, 2024 - Ottawa, Canada


    Surah Kahf: Reflections from the Cave

    Ibn Majeed Amer
    Islamic Scholar

    33 Lessons for Every Muslim

    Nasir Sheikh
    Islamic Expert

    Amble through Surahs of Quran

    Ali Hamdaam
    Islamic Scholar


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